Bad Times (Lower)

by Monkh

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Singer/Songwriter ‘Monkh’ has continued to enlighten us with his latest single “Bad Times (Lower)”. Through recently released live studio videos, Monkh has introduced us to ‘The People’, an 8 piece band representing the full spectrum of age, race, and background of St.Louis area musicians. Together they are gearing up to release a new self-titled Ep that is focused around “The process of struggle with the resolve of love through compassion and groovy sounds.” Bad Times starts off with a growling guitar riff that is so gracefully answered by a saxophone, sending the entire band into this chant like groove.

“Wake up did you hear the news? They sold us all out for some oil in a spoon”

Monkh makes it a point to talk about the ongoing struggles in America in a very bold and driving way to instill in the listener the power of the people, and working together as one to defeat the injustices happening in this country.

“These are bad times
We can’t get much lower
But this is our time
And we won’t let this go”

Through the combination of Monkh’s calm voice, screaming instruments, and soulful backup vocals the group reminds us that even through times where it seems we have no control, we must continue to focus on the greater good and overcome the impossible. Amidst this social media driven age where politics and false journalism are being forced in our face in every direction, Monkh has ventured to steer us toward hope and peace. There isn’t an agenda of a political opinion but rather a plea to cast out our differences and work for a world we all can be proud to exist in.


Wake up did you hear the news
they sold us all out for some oil in a spoon
They wont stop till they get it all
as we watch the world fall
Down the street you can see the scene
where they shot the boy down because they thought he was a thief
well no just so there will be no peace
no justice so there will be no peace

We're never gonna change if we don't believe
We're never gonna change the world if we can't see
That these are..

Bad Times
We can get much lower
Bad Times
We can't let this go

So now they're swaying us in every little way
they got people slaving people for very little pay
the same people are in the streets fighting out to be equal
but when you see it on the news
they'll make it look another way

I know there will be a day there will be another day when we can love
there's got to be a way got to be a faster way to realize we're all one

We're never gonna change
If we don't believe
We're never gonna change the world if we can't see
It's not about the love no more, or to be free
It's how you hold yourself while you're suffering
In these..


We can't keep on getting low

This is our time
We can't let this go no more



released January 17, 2017
Ben Biver - Bass
Ramel Prince - Drums
Ray King - Percussion
Matt McElwrath - Saxophone
Beau Brenton - Keys
Sarah Sgro - Backing Vocals
Maya Foster - Backing Vocals
Daniel "Monkh" Horrell - Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Recorded at Gaslight Studios
Mixed and Engineered by Zagk Gibbons, Ben Biver and Cory Rose



all rights reserved



Monkh is a solo artist combining sounds from many genres into his own brand of folk. A modern day musician with a natural flair of classic rock style, Monkh is a breath of fresh air. He is an ever evolving artist. Never afraid to combine old methods with new technology, he can often be found with guitar and loop station in tow. ... more

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